Session 2, Qualifying – eh, not too shabby.

This session started out messy. Despite the smaller run group there was tons of traffic. It took 5 laps or so to actually find a good gap to work with. I’ve learned to have some patience in qualifying. If I can find a hole in traffic I’m usually able to bank a pretty quick lap, but that means I’m throwing away a few more laps of practice.


Other than the big slide above the car was much better behaved this session and I was actually ahead of the car this time. I ran three quick laps in succession with each lap an improvement over the last. I got to the point where I felt I put in a banger lap and then backed off. Based on previous results and the time sheets from the morning practice session I was fairly confident that this was going to stand for P1.

Turn 1 - big brake zone, down from 130+ to ~80. Blind mid corner out due to the hill on the inside


Turn 2 - Blind turn in, downhill, and off camber from the entry thru the apex. Tricky little corner that rewards big balls. The exit curb pinches ya back in a hurry.


The Grattan “Jump”- Line it up straight before you go over. My whole body tries to lift out of the seat then slams back down on the floor upon landing. When you feel your insides compress you are safe to hit the brakes. Gotta do it quick or you’ll miss the turn in for Turn 5.


Result – 1:17.28, knocked two whole seconds off, that’s more like it!

Still a whole second to go though. Where do I find a whole second? That’s still a big chunk of time to find. I felt like I was driving well and it felt fast, so where else could I be leaving time?


After the session while looking over the car I noticed that the rear anti-roll bar was disconnected. I didn’t do that.

“I wonder when that happened? Shouldn’t I put it back on?”

Nah, car was good. What are the chances it happened on my in lap? Not likely. It was probably like that the entire session. It worked, so leave it be.


Maybe with more laps the time will come as I continue to regain my comfort with the track. I am sitting on a little surprise, which is fresher tires. I don’t know how much I might be giving up with 9 heat cycles on the current set. We’ll obviously need to swap them over and cross our fingers. Do I think there’s a whole second in them!?

Pt. 3 tomorrow; Race 1 – I put fresh rubber on the car, but why can’t I go any faster.

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