Over the last two years we’ve had the idea to start a video series about club racing. Finally, we’ve gotten to the point of putting together the first episode. The goal is to document the life of a club racer who’s in the sport for the fun and excitement but desires to be more than just a field filler.

The first episode is an intro into the 2015 season and follows the shakedown of a car that has been in pieces for the last year. There is a huge about of excitement and anxiety that goes with an unknown car and putting together a new program. Watch as we work thru the initial foray into getting the car on track and working through the bugs that go with it. Along the way we hope not to get too wrapped up in the serious side of the sport and remember that all the effort is supposed to be for fun.


If there’s anything you want to see in future videos or any critiques please leave them in the comments. I’m pretty open with sharing information and stuff I’ve learned along the way, and if there is anything we can incorporate in the future we’re totally open for it.

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