Taking club racing back to its roots; sleeping in the trailer, cooking out on a little hibachi, running used tires, and generally just mucking about.

After a bit of testing and sorting of the car I finally got out to my first race weekend of the year. A double regional at Grattan Raceway with the Western MI Region SCCA. It was a great weekend for a throwback to club racing’s roots. Most people I talked to were camping on side, many in their tow vehicles, families sitting around camp fires, and lots of camaraderie among competitors. There was a BBQ Saturday evening for all the racers, crew, and volunteers. This was an event that really made it feel like everyone was out there to have fun and no one was taking it too seriously. The way racing should be!


This was also the second event on the Great Lakes Challenge schedule; a regional collection of racers running Formula Continental that work to try and all attend the same events. We have our own points standings and trophies too. I missed out on the first weekend due to the Camaro Reveal at Belle Isle, so was starting out with zero points. In the end we are allowed 2 drops, so that simply means I can’t afford not to finish any of the remaining races. With that being the case, I started off with the trifecta both days and maximum points and have a solid weekend to start things off. In the process I even managed to lower the FC lap record. That was pretty rewarding.

I hope you enjoy the video. Any feedback would be appreciated too. Is it too long? It ended up a little bit longer than expected. How about entertainment value? Did you actually make it all the way thru? Were there any points you wished would end sooner?

Thanks for watching!

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