Episode 4, the vintage races

There was a big break between events and work going on that this episode took a bit longer to put together. It is definitely a different look at a race weekend as nothing went smoothly. It was a struggle from the very first session. In the end we ended up having to take a step away from the car and enjoy something different. Sometimes it’s amazing how things can change so quickly from one event to the next.

In the end I actually managed to learn a fair amount about this car. #1) the car is VERY sensitive to ride height. 1mm can make a huge difference in handling characteristics. #2) carry at least 1 spare for every engine component. #3) despite manufacturer warnings ignition coils can be replaced with any coil. #4) I can convert an electric ignition system to points in under an hour. #5) I still hate troubleshooting engine issues.


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