I was out last month to do some testing. Thanks to an invite from another local racer I was able to run on a Thursday afternoon during a private track rental and then again on Friday during the regularly scheduled open practice day. There was a mix of everything; sun, rain, clouds, things with fenders and things without, spins, smoke, and steaks.

These two days were hugely successful for me and the car. We found a second and a half over the course of the two days and know there’s another half second in it. That puts me comfortably under my best in the old car at Waterford Hills. That tends to transfer to the other tracks in the area as most are pretty technical, so it has me excited for a race this weekend at Grattan Raceway. It is a hugely entertaining track and was the place where I managed this First to Last video except this time I’m bringing rain tires just in case.


My brother and team videographer won’t be in attendance for this one, so I’m going to have to shoot all the footage myself in hopes to put together Episode 3. The aim is to be able to put together a new video every month. Finally, this one should contain some actual wheel-to-wheel action.

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